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After zoey leaves rythian after operation dino day neither of them are. Tekkit episode 47 by ninaserena on deviantart cryaotic. How much do you know about the blackrock chronicles. Tekkit is required to use this save, if you dont use tekkit, blackrock will not load there will be no future updates i have no intention of updating this projectdisclaimeri do not own this building, this whole design was made by rythian and zoey of the yogscast i do not own minecraft or tekkit. A game he played a book he read a story he wrote complete imagination a movie he saw 9 what disability does rythian have. Summary of rythian youtube channel statistics and videos. This was confirmed by ridge and rythian and later in jaffa factory 93.

His minecraft character, from the tekkit series blackrock chronicle, has two penises, one of which is actually zylus he stole from him. D plus writing is way more descriptive than minecraft roleplaying. Everything is normal until zoey sort of lets out her secret. See more ideas about youtubers, fan picture and fan art. Read hot and popular stories about rythian on wattpad.

Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Blackrock chronicles chronicles of blackrock darkstone story. Browse through and read or take yogscast rythian stories, quizzes, and other creations. Blackrock stronghold was rythian and zoeys castle and main base of operations in their tekkit series history edit. Can you complete the quotes from the blackrock chronicles.

From the last episode of season one on the blackrock chronicle. When playing ttt, sjin cannot spell the word innocent backwards as a traitor and has never been able to do it affably evil. And of course i cant forget the series that made this channel in the first place the blackrock chronicles, starting with the tekkit adventure. What happened to rythian before he joined up with sips co. After waking up alone and emptyhanded on an island, rythian starts back on the path of alchemy an. He is known for the minecraft machinima series the blackrock chronicle. Blackrock chronicle setting yogscast works archive. Alot of this is like tekkit adventures,rebirth,and blackrock chronicles. Take a look at the playlists and see if anything seems like your thing.

Overwhelmed, sjin duncan and lewis turn to rythian and zoey for help. From the pre nuke world and his latest tekkit series up to the modpack change in episode 71 includes the castle rythian deterrent hanger laboratory ic2 crop farm starting house pre nuke war buildings. Loner mage rythian prepares for his revenge on sjin and duncan after they. Zoey is a lesbian in real life, but her minecraft persona, in a manner similar to sulu from star trek. All media animation western anime comic book fan fics film game. The story of rythian and zoey by cybernekololi on deviantart. Hello, i am rythian, and this is my youtube channel. Rythian the enderborn black rock, youtubers, cool art, fandoms, cool stuff. The original series, has an interest in the male rythian in the blackrock chronicles. The story behind rythian and zoey was emotionally, so this is from episode 30 of the rythian zoeya tekkit adventure. Zoeys a competent player after rythian teaches her in the mystic arts. Blackrock hold was originally created out of dirt by rythian and zoey when they started their tekkit series. The blackrock chronicles continues with season three. More series were recorded and you can find all of them on the wiki under tekkit and yogcraft.

Rythian real name joakim hellstrand is a lets player and a member of the yogscast. Rythians journal is a journal that rythian would write into in the third season of him and zoeys minecraft tekkit series, blackrock chronicle rising. And so blackrock blew up, leaving behind nothing but a crater and regrets. Rythian, zoey and teep rythian again by shartruse rythian again. Duncans lab is nice to watch as a tutorial and blackrock chronicles by rythian is a good rp series, but neither is necessary. Loner mage rythian prepares for his revenge on sjin and duncan after they destroyed the old world. For tekkit watchers, if you havent seen it warning it will not make any sense to you at al. Yogscast tekkit world duncans castle and honeydew inc.

Blackrock chronicle is a semiscripted minecraft series by rythian and zoey, that takes place on the yogscasts tekkit and yogcraft servers. So feel free to post your favourite rythian moments in the comments so he knows he is a chill, cool guy. I decided to write rythians blackrock tekkit series as an ao3 book for fun and. Based off of the blackrock chronicles minecraft skin. His blackrock chronicle persona wears dark clothes and seems to have a connection with endermen. The yogscasts tekkit series used the tekkit classic modpack for minecraft 1. Part of his persona while playing minecraft tekkit he and rythian actually start bouncing jokes back and forth during their climactic showdown in the blackrock chronicle, whereas in real life you can drop the evil part. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Browse and download minecraft rythian skins by the planet minecraft community.

As an aspiring writer, i ended up writing some fanfiction based on blackrock and the other tekkit series at the time. The depressing stages of rythian slowly going insane. Season two ended with a literal bang, and for a while it seemed all hope was lost. This journal depicts the events taking place after blackrock stronghold was destroyed by duncans nuclear device. This all takes place it the tekkit world before the nuke went off. Gaming quiz blackrock quotes yogscast random gaming or quote quiz can you complete the quotes from the blackrock chronicles. As of march 20, the tekkit series has been replaced by the yogscasts mod pack, named yogcraft, which is included in the feed the beast. Blackrock stronghold yogscast wiki fandom powered by wikia. Blackrock chronicles big family, how to raise money, pretty cool, youtubers. By season 3 of rythians tekkit and yogcraft series, blackrock chronicle rising, he has made peace with.

Blackrock chronicle setting yogscast works archive of our own. This quiz will test exactly how much you really know about yogscast rythian s minecraft series. Published on oct 29, 2014 an animestyle trailertribute to the blackrock chronicle, a minecraft series by yogscast rythian, with zoey proasheck, teep the dinosaur, duncan joneslalnalividcoffee. Browse through and read yogscast rythian stories and books. Compare how rythian speaks in the first episode of the tekkit adventure and the first episode of the tekkit rebirth. Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Gilbert saves zoey and teep via a heroic sacrifice. These two will go through everything just to be safe from anybody who dares attack,and meet people along the way. Zoeya rythian yogscast tekkit zoethian freeform blackrock chronicle. I just wanna note that this is a short story mini fanfic thing.

Ive played many many games over the years, so hopefully youll find something that interests you. Rythian, zoey and teep are starting to make a new life for themselves in the dunes of the desert, but in many. I just spiced it up a bit so i can maybe use it as theatre piece this year. Rythian then put a mining base under the fort for gathering materials. I decided to write rythians blackrock tekkit series as an ao3 book for fun and writing practice.

Unfortunately, tekkit classic is no longer being updated. Posted in ryogscast by uromtoc 34 points and 27 comments. I will follow you into the dark yogscast rythian and zoey zoethian cute book stuff. Looking back, while it isnt too great, its where i officially got my start. She has since created another version of her minecraft character whose love interest is her irl girlfriend fiona, and explained it away as a parallel. Been watching duncans early tekkit series, and felt the urge to draw lalna introducing his friends xephos and sjin to each other. In no way am i saying i own rythian and zoey altho that would be epic xd nor do i own this plotline. What should rythian do in the blackrock chronicles. I decided to write rythian s blackrock tekkit series as an ao3 book for fun and writing practice. Its ended now, but will always have a special place in my heart.

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