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Gray riesling is actually trousseau gris, a white mutant of the bastardo port wine grape. Loosen blue slate riesling kabinett 2018 front label. The labels can offer far too much information, or too little. Because riesling is rarely made with oak or blended with other grapes, its dry wines showcase the varietals pure green apple, citrus and peach flavors with bright and refreshing acidity. This riesling is produced from individually selected overripe grapes resulting in a fullbodied, luscious wine with hints of apricot, nectarine, and honey.

This gives the riesling wine found here a minerality flavor. Dec 04, 2019 the riesling grape is planted on over 50% of the vineyards in the mosel wine region. Stores and prices for moselland blue cat riesling, mosel prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Recognized as a top quality grape here since the middle ages, germany retains its high reputation as a premier source of the finest riesling. We were each given a bottle of wine, and the opportunity to get more if we drove more difficult to pack for plane travel i guess.

We are most likely going to go with this tone of glass or there is a more green option. Maybe its a hangover from the days of blue nun, liebfraumilch and black. Street with growing white wine grapes, riesling or chardonnay blue riesling wine bottle, shrimp, grape brush, sushi sticks on a gray canvas background. Enjoy with broiled seafood, chef salads, and other lighter fare. If you are looking for a great white wine, i highly recommend schmitt sohne riesling. Product title kung fu girl riesling, charles smith. Moselland blue cat riesling, mosel, germany winesearcher. Riesling and pretzels at wine festival outdoors in germany under summer sun german street with growing white wine grapes, riesling or chardonnay grapevines in summer. Studio shot of bottle of white wine, variety rizling rynsky rhine riesling, from winery sanvin, south slovakian wine region.

Aug 19, 2012 the problem is, it is no easy task to really tell how sweet a bottle of german riesling is. Acidity is one of the primary traits of wines that age well. For instance, when i brought a couple of bottles of german riesling to the byob. Cape riesling is the south african name for the french grape crouchen. Total carbs in riesling nutrition facts for riesling. Even with the price creeping up, it remains a terrific buy. Its the riesling i first fell in love with and realized how awesome german wines are. Anew arcturos barefoot be biltmore estate black box blue parachute blue teal blufeld bridgeview chateau morrisette cavit cedar creek chalet debonne charles smith wines chateau grand traverse chateau ste. Mosel is the most famous of germanys official wine regions, and also the third largest in terms of production. German winemakers will tell you that riesling is their countrys flagship wine and that the riesling grape works perfectly with the cooler climates and slaty soils of german river valleys. In addition to being deep and complex, the germans do not forget to make the wine fun to drink. The reel red offers consumers an approachable and versatile red blend with a touch of sweetness. A year ago i tried this wonderful riesling in a very tall blue bottle with what i believe was a house on the label.

During the 1980s, some german riesling producers started switching to blue bottles to distinguish themselves from the rest. China blue wine bottle, china blue wine bottle shopping. Why do german rieslings come in differentcolored bottles. The riesling grape is planted on over 50% of the vineyards in the mosel wine region. For instance, a syrah that tinges blue on the rim has lower acidity. From our roots as a small weingut on the mosel to a leading exporter, we offer a complete range of german wines from classic vineyarddesignated. Amongst these experts are advanced sommeliers who must be able to accurately blind. German riesling takes these difficulties in its stride, and results in wines that please the palate.

Riesling stock photos download 5,394 royalty free photos. Its summer, so a lot of wine writers are touting german riesling such as eric asimovs wine school on the new york times. Germany this wonderful german riesling is fruitforward, lightbodied and easydrinking. This german kabinett wine comes from the home of pieroth on the river nahe and is presented in the traditional. Blue nun is a german wine brand launched by the company h. And if you buy one and expect dry, then after the first sip it taste sweet, it is unlikely that you will be impressed. Blue nun riesling online fine wine delivery shop buy. Get full nutrition facts for riesling, wine and plan your meals using our online calorie counter and nutrition facts finder. While continuously developing our winemaking and looking for ways to incorporate new technologies and techniques, we never lose sight of the traditional way of producing exceptional german wines. Coldhardy enough to survive freezing winters, and sturdy enough to withstand the warm sun, riesling has enough. Aromatic and pretty, its light delicacy offers up plenty of flavor with sweet aprocot, white peach, honeysuckle, apples and flowers mingling in complex waves. The soil is predominantly grey and blue slate, which gives this bone dry riesling its striking mineral character and subtle, pure citrus notes. With its racy acidity and a true firework of aromas the riesling has become the fashionable drink of modern times. Download these free wine placemats to make your tasting party more interactive.

Its undeniable that washington seems to be emerging as a great source for riesling, though the marketplace has yet to take proper notice. Blue fish wines are presented in an eyecatching azure blue bottle decorated with colorful labels featuring the distinctive blue fish logo. Dive in and take a look at the complete notes from our value tasting in july 2012. Its a sweet, crisp, and fruity taste that you can enjoy with anything. Company news, press, awards, jobs, download retail price list. For all those who love good wine and especially savor german wine, you are now at last living in the land of riesling, or are about to come over and discover it. The terroir in this part of germany consists of various slate deposits. Lateharvest riesling wines can be gloriously rich and complex, with the ability to age in the bottle and develop nutty, honeyed qualities. Nearly all of germanys vineyards are delineated and registered as one of approximately 2,600 einzellagen individual sites, and the produce from any vineyard can be used to make german wine at any quality level, as long as the.

In addition, only premium grapes go into blue fish, ensuring that the quality remains consistent from year to year, while also bringing the best value possible to consumers. How to pair wine with your favorite girl scout cookies. Expert blind tasters take serious note of the color of wine. Loosen riesling kabinett blue slate and a 2012 heinz eifel mosel. Oct 18, 20 i dont know about you, but the first thing i think of when i pull out a wine and see a twisttop bottle opening aint fine wine. Heavily planted throughout the rheingau and mosel, riesling responds splendidly to these regions extreme climatic and topographic challenges. Inside is the same fresh, light and delicious german riesling consumers have loved since the label first appeared with the 2005 vintage. Understanding german riesling by the label wine folly. May 26, 2010 according to legend, three wine merchants came to the town of zell in germany to buy wine. There was a time when almost all table wines were 12.

Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Germany produces some of the finest white wine in the world from the riesling grape. Buy schmitt sohne riesling qba blue bottle from, moselsaarruwer, and browse saratoga wine exchanges entire selection of today. Buying request hub makes it simple, with just a few steps. Now in the 4th generation, schmitt sohne is one of germanys largest and most successful wine exporters to wine drinkers all over the world. Highquality german riesling, alsace riesling and riesling wines from select u. As the month of january is eating light month at the kitchn i thought that wine should also have its say on drinking lighter, and by that i mean wines with less alcohol. Every drop contains 10 handselected botanicals from exotic locations around the world. Find the china blue wine bottle, find the best blue wine bottle made in china, china blue wine bottle shopping guide. One of more than two dozen riesling offerings from schmitt sohne, funf riesling is available at retailers nationwide. The german wine classification system puts a strong emphasis on standardization and factual completeness, and was first implemented by the german wine law of 1971. As with many german regions, it is most aasociated with a range of wine styles made from the riesling grape variety, but mullerthurgau is also widely planted the best mosel riesling wines are some of the finest whites in the world. Riesling is perhaps one of the most misunderstood grapes outside of germany and alsace.

German wine has brown bottles for rhine river wine and green. Schwarzriesling black riesling is the german name for pinot meunier, a grape used in champagne, but which is also grown in southern germany. They were about to take another sample, when a black cat suddenly jumped on one of the barrels, arched its back, its fur standing. Once again, versatile enough to go with most things.

Kappys fine wine falmouth schmitt sohne riesling spatlese. Our sofia riesling dazzles with full, ripe fruit flavors balanced by a vibrant acidity. Sourcing the right blue wine bottle supplier can be timeconsuming and difficult. I thought the name of the wine was leonard kreusch but i checked online and it doesnt look like that brand comes in a blue bottle. However, you will soon be amazed to discover more than a few things about german wines and food that will completely undo most of your. Germany is one of the most northerly winegrowing countries in the world. Offdry in style, this riesling has an intoxicating perfume of pears and apricots, along with luscious flavors of white peaches, green apples, and a hint of pineapple. German, austrian and canadian icewines are made with grapes left to freeze on the vine so that sugars are concentrated and water, in the form of ice crystals, separates out when the grapes are pressed. Dry and harmonious with aromas of ripe apricots and peaches, a pleasing structure and underlying acidity. A wine enthusiast best buy, relax riesling is a refreshing, crisp, authentically german riesling. As the name suggests, this wine is made from riesling grown in the mosel region.

Blue nun riesling online fine wine delivery shop buy wine online germany wine it contains fine pieces of 24carat gold leaf. While high quality is possible in all points of the sweet to dry spectrum, riesling typically produces wine with relatively low alcohol, high acidity, steely minerality, stone fruit, citrus, spice and floral notes. The wine is delightfully fresh and fruity making the perfect choice for gatherings, both large and small. Widely planted, though once derided, riesling is the superstar of the white wine world at the moment. This mediumbodied riesling has peach and fine apple aromas, a firm and fruity palate and crisp acidity that results in a wellbalanced, easy to drink wine. Could you tell me if riesling in a blue bottle means that it is cheap, sweet riesling.

There is almost no other wine that is so defining for german white wine like the riesling. Aug, 2014 german riesling also offers a beautiful clarity. Riesling is one of those varietals that suffered as a result of mass marketing in the 1970s. Nov 09, 2015 understanding german riesling by the label. For most of its existence, blue nun was a single german wine, which until the late 1990s was classified as a liebfraumilch, but the name is now used for a whole range of wines of various origins. German rieslings are, to put it bluntly, misunderstood wines. Bright and fresh in the mouth, this has a gentle sweetness that is well balanced by firm acidity, all wrapped in a rather lightweight, fresh package. There is a lot of scope for versatility with this sweet, viscous wine, though you can expect to get hints of tropical fruit, nectarine, melon and pineapple from a solid riesling. Mosel pradikatswein spatlese produced from riesling grapes grown in, and around, the middle mosel village of piesport. Decoding riesling with thomas haehn shift drink podcast.

I went to a conference last week, and one of the sponsors was aldis. Its crisp, complex, and you look cool ordering it because the gothic, impossibletopronounce label shows you have a lack of intimidation when it comes to wine. In one of the cellars, they tasted several wines out of different barrels. They had narrowed the choice to three barrels but they couldnt agree on which one was the best. And because its a very light, refreshing wine, you can enjoy it as an aperritif. Understanding german riesling by the label to understand german riesling its helpful to know the two primary facets that define this wine. Its no wonder relax riesling is americas favorite riesling. Blue bottle rieslings that popped up in the 1980s didnt do any favors for wines reputation, and there is always the i dont want anything sweet argument.

The wine has moderate intensity with good balance and a pleasant sweetness and finishes with a hint of mineral. A touch muted perhaps but distinctly riesling with a lovely base note of sweetsour apple fruit. Look at the label of most wines that you buy, especially if they come from warmer climate, new world regions. What do the different colors and shapes mean in german. Cheese party, cheese pairings, wine tasting party, wine pairings, best cheese for wine, red wine cheese, beer tasting, blue cheese. The word beerenauslese on a bottle of german riesling indicates that the wine is a. Fortunately, the germans have done a great job organizing these 2 aspects and even have a labeling system that will help you identify the styles. To understand german riesling its helpful to know the two primary facets that define this wine. So the first important ability you need is to be able to tell the sweetness level o f the riesling you are holding in your hands. Leonard kreusch wines where to buy their beer near me. Moselland blue bottle riesling qba halby marketing. French riesling wines are similar to german riesling wines in the following ways. Riesling is without question germanys favorite grape.

Kappys fine wines hyannis schmitt sohne riesling qba blue. Riesling wine from mosel germany is highly affected by the terroir. Learn all about riesling from the noble wines globe trotting ambassador. This riesling, which in cool climates such as many german wine regions tends to exhibit apple and tree fruit notes with noticeable levels of acidity that are perfectly balanced with residual sugar. How to choose a bottle of german riesling how sweet. Best german rieslings for the money wine recommendations.

Cultivated in the rhine region, the fully ripe, golden grapes. A bright blue metallic stelvin closure completes the new look. And when i pull out my blue bunny jar opener from some conference and use it to try to twist off the top and that does not work the first time alarm bells were going off in my head at an er, ummm. Priced in the middle range for white wines from mosel. There are no mandatory rules for the bottle design in german wine legislation, so most producers simply stick with tradition as your two exam. Armin wagner, the export director for langguth, the firm that owns the german riesling line blue nun, says, blue nun did this change in 1995 mainly to distinguish itself from the brown bottle used before, which had become.

Loosen youtube channel are like sitting down to enjoy a friendly glass of riesling with ernst loosen. This simple shortbread cookie doesnt require more than an offdry german riesling. German wines are lamentably underappreciated in the united states, but that can be to your advantage. Elk creeks kentucky blue riesling is light, crisp, slightly sweet, well balanced wine. The riesling grape is considered by many to be the finest of german grapevarieties, and blue nuns riesling uses them to superb effect. This very wellmade fine quality wine will develop smokey and honey notes as it ages. Slightly dry with an enticing fruity bouquet, it shows intense flavors of apples and peaches with a hint of citrus.

Schmitt sohne riesling qba blue bottle 20 winemakers notes. With age, riesling can become truly revelatory, developing unique, complex aromatics, often with. If, however, you ask a group of non german wine drinkers to tell you about riesling, several of them will probably use phrases like too sweet. Today, german riesling is an integral part of the wine at this writing, the usa is by far the most important export market for german lists of the finest restaurants wordwide. Our michelsberg riesling spatlese offers perfect balance between crisp acidity and ripe riesling fruit. There has been a lowering of demand in the past year. Mar 01, 2017 german wines in blue bottles means nothing besides a producer trying to attract attention and sell more. Edition pieroth sekt demi sec blue bottle germany by. With age, riesling can become truly revelatory, developing unique, complex aromatics, often with a hint of petrol. Inniskillin riesling icewine niagara 2014 375ml nniskillin icewine, recognized as one of the worlds great wines is a gift from winter to wine lovers. German riesling bottle rear label with statutory information wine tasting of a bottle of riesling, domaine martin jund independent winegrowers, colmar, alsace, france. My thoughts usually run more along the lines of ut oh. This type of vinification enhances the natural fruitiness of the riesling, which is evident in the wonderfully fresh flavors of green apple, fruity pear and hints of grapefruit.

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