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The lgt, vgt and fgtr products are moderate to highload capacity girder tie downs for new or retrofit applications. For additional information contact authorized simpson strong tie servicing distributor, r. Building on the success of deck planner software, simpson strongtie will also unveil its free pergola planner software at ibs. Designed for use on the edge of 2x members, with a nailing pattern that reduces the potential for splitting. Building stronger, safer earthquakeresistant homes. Determine the best coiled strap for your load demands, the cut length of each strap and the total amount of strapping and fasteners you.

Designing an anchor solution in a thin concrete slab for a high anchor demand load while meeting the ductility provisions of aci 31811, d. Anchor designer can calculate single anchor solutions or up to 16 anchors in a single plate. Connects gable trusses to top plates and masonrry walls. Simpson strongtie basic connector installations youtube. Set your store to see local availability add to cart. Simpson strongtie h6 16gauge galvanized hurricane tieh6. With the new simpson strong tie strongrod continuous rod tiedown systems, featuring new codelisted components and optimized rodrun assemblies, designers have costeffective and codetested options for lightframe, midrise wood construction. Simpson strong tie has been studying castinplace tension anchorage and anchor reinforcement concepts extensively over the past several years. Simpson lsta36 36 18 gauge strap tie g90 galvanized. With this free webbased software, you dont have to worry. What i want to show you is these two hurricane straps here and theres another tie down strap up here at the corner anyway these are the simpson strong ties. Simpson strongtie brings solutions to ibs 2020 20200116. Simpson strongtie connector selector allowable stress design software tells you which products are appropriate for your. Simpson racing tiedown straps ratchet strap adjustment.

The lugt series is an adaptable tiedown for girder trusses and offers several installation options to accommodate different framing conditions. The ats installation overview video provides highlights of the installation sequence and covers the important areas, such as the component and takeup assemb. Learn more about our complete line of structural epoxy repair products. Simpson strong tie lsta straps are load rated and provide the correct thickness and number of fasteners the specifier is looking for compared with field fabricated straps. Tar riveted anchors provide a moisture barrier in addition to uplift and lateral resistance all in one product. For additional installation information reference the simpson strong tie anchor systems anchoring and fastening systems for concrete and masonry catalog or visit 6 drop the appropriate length of a307 threaded rod down the hollow column. Heavycapacity uplift connector bolts both to the truss and. The nuts and bolts of manufactured homes, our straps and tie downs are anything but basic. Simpson strong tie gauge strap tie holdown can be used on the wide or narrow face of lumber for light repairs or heavyduty projects. These software tools include the component solutions cs ewp studio software suite provided by simpson strongtie. The sthd is an embedded strap tie holdown offering high loads and a staggered nail pattern to help minimize splitting. The end posts deliver the sheathing load to the top plates and bearing plate. Please reduce your quantity or change your pickup store to check stock nearby.

Simpson strongtie provides a comprehensive design package for continuous rod systems used as holdowns for multistory stacked shearwalls. Simpson strongtie category software and web applications. Designers can also add a complex array of distributed, sloped, and point loads. Simple to install and can be installed on the inside or outside of the wall. Simpson strongtie desktop, mobile, and web software. They can be installed straight or fieldbent around truss or rafter members. With this free webbased deck planning software, you dont have to worry about complicated downloads or managing licenses. A continuous rod tiedown system utilizes a combination of threaded rods with bearing plates and takeup devices at each level to transfer the forces to the foundation. Add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating.

The variable girder tiedown vgt is a higher capacity alternative to the lgt and mgt for girder trusses. Hurricane tie h8 100 count simpson strong tie sp1z stud plate zmax 100 count simpson strong tie sph6r stud plate. Trussraftertoplate and studtoplate connectors resist wind and seismic forces including embedded truss anchors, girder tiedowns, hurricaneseismic anchors, and moisture barrier plates. You can start a new deck from scratch by entering a name for your. Software solutions to help you choose the right connector or fixing anchor designer anchor designer software from simpson strong tie offers a quick and professional calculation and specification for anchor fixings into cracked and noncracked concrete. Ta anchors are rated for both uplift and lateral loads. The hd3b is a lightduty holdown designed for use in shearwalls and bracedwall panels, as well as other lateral.

The strong tie lsta36 strap tie features a g90 galvanized finish for added corrosion resistance and requires the. Our deck planner software enables you to use deck design software to design a deck in just a few minutes. Get free shipping on qualified simpson strong tie, metal straps products or buy online pick up in store today in the building materials department. The embedment depth is determined based on predefined or custom edge conditions.

The individual run calculations, as shown in figure 1, provide the maximum tension capacity, which correlates to. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating. Simpson strongtie deck planner software tutorial youtube. Our deck planner software enables you to design a deck in just a few minutes. A flier providing product and installation information about the various simpson strongtie products available to serve the icf ledger connector systems in canada. The sthd incorporates many features that aid correct installation and improve performance. The tool also allows for custom asd tension load input. Simpson strongtie lgt 3ply girder tiedown with strong. Using sds screws results in a greater net section, when compared to bolts, as no material is.

Simpson strongtie introduces its anchor designer professional designer software to comply with aci 318, etag and csa code requirements. From fully tested and engineered connectors, clips and lateral systems to timesaving design software, simpson strong tie delivers innovative solutions for coldformed steel construction. From viscosity, to cure time, to pot life, to temperature, to class the simpson strong tie family of crack repair products has a solution for almost every job. The hd3b holdown has been tested in accordance with iccess ac 155 acceptance criteria and are approved for use in vertical and horizontal applications. Simpson strong tie hurricane ties are designed to resist high winds and seismic forces by positively connecting trussesrafters to. The mgt wraps over the heel and is anchored on one side of the simpson strong tie mgt 334 in. Getting started with the simpson strongtie deck planner software is quick and easy.

Before you download the database, please refer to the read me and installation instructions for important. From fully tested and engineered connectors, clips and lateral systems to timesaving design software, simpson strongtie delivers innovative solutions for coldformed steel construction. Only minimum input geometries are required for the software to. Lgt connectors also provide exceptional bearing enhancement for heavy download applications. Its easier than ever to take simpson strongtie product information with you on the go. Our growing web, mobile and desktop software apps help save design time and. Simpson strongtie introduces concrete anchor design software. With this free webbased deck planning software, you dont have to worry about complicated downloads or. Pioneer in lateral systems development history of research and stateoftheart testing innovative product design field and technical support onsite training product availability a history of testing, innovation and performance since barclay simpson made his first connector more than 50 years ago, simpson strong tie has worked with the engineering and building.

The lgt series has been extended to include the new lgt4sds3 for 4ply girders. An embossed embedment line assures accurate embedment depth. Previous designs from existing simpson strongtie anchor design software may be uploaded into anchor designer, and the detailed output is provided in convenient pdf format. Simpson strong tie strongrod continuous rod tiedown systems. The company offers anchors, angles, bases, caps, connectors, fasteners, hangers.

Hurricane strap repair simpson tie down strap concrete. Lgt connectors provide a lowprofile connection to the studs for easy installation. Our growing web, mobile and desktop software apps help save design time and simplify the selection and installation of our products. The following steps describe the continuous rod tiedown system load path. With the literature library app on your iphone or ipad, you can now. Used to hold down the end of the truss to keep them coming off the wall, by wrapping around the wall. Simpson strong tie component solutions software delivers efficient and effective solutions for a wide variety of lightframe construction applications.

Simpson strongtie cfs designer provides a beamcolumn design tool that allows designers to model up to 3span beams with overhangs at each end. The simpson strong tie hd9b holdown is a self jigging anchor that ensures the bottom bolt that attaches to the stud or post is seven times the diameter of the bolt. Learn how to design and layout your deck in just a few minutes with the free, web based simpson strongtie deck planner software. This item 100 count simpson strong tie tsp stud plate. As the leader in structural wood connectors, simpson strongtie is a perfect partner to help you build a strong, beautiful deck that will last for decades. Simpson strong tie offers a wide variety of bolted holdowns offering lowdeflection performance for a range of load requirements. The system features the automatic takeup at device icbo er5889, cola rr25480 for wood shrinkage and offers tremendous rod holdown system versatility.

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