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Corbin paper patchblackpower bullet tools corbin swaging. If you have a question that isnt answered in our bullet information, resources, or faq pages, send an email or give a call. The 50 meter, 100 meter and 150 meter gongs range from 10 to 15 diameter and didnt stand a chance. Corbin paper patch and blackpowder bullet swagingreloading. How to clean your brass for reloading with jerry miculek duration. Shooting a 90grain charge of goex ffg black powder and the crossstrip paperpatched pedersoli cast 478grain. I have now successfully paper patched bullets in 2 cartridges. Assuming that you have some interest in this arcane art, and that you can cast a. You can also watch as the paper patch comes off the bullet between the muzzle at 00. He also says for the paper he has trouble wrapping them as well, so he used the peel off labels from the stationary store. Paper patch bullets shop paper patch bullets at buffalo. This for you old or ancient guys paper patched bullets. I also did some hunting rifle paper patching very successfully with my 358 win see other 35 cal thread. When they were made commercially this was done by hand, usually involving female fingers.

This book presents todays most thorough, fully illustrated source of information for those who enjoy a taste of the past. You can clearly see the paper patch leaves the barrel intact around the bullet at 00. Years ago i did some of that paper patching for a 3006 spfld according to the harris developments. Paper patched or lubricated lead bullets can be swaged in two basic styles, the. Paper patched bullets a blast from the past sporting. When using the 4570 in north america, which bullet kills big bears, big moose and bison the fastest, a heavy hard cast with a wide meplat, or a heavy jacketed 350 to 400 grain soft nosed bullet. Something that many bullet casters will tell you they do but when i have checked their samples they measure harder and have a dull finish of a bullet that has. With the hardcast bullets sold at gunshows the rifle would group 45 at the same distance. Were the only cast lead bullets manufacturer located in central pennsylvania. We are proud to announce our new line of swaged jacketed bullets. However, the lead bullets i make for patching are designed to fit the diameter of the bore, not the groove, which means the paper patch is at least partly cut. Paper patched bullets are made by winding a piece of paper, usually twice, around a lead bullet. I friend who was a sharps collector and cast bullet shooter told me the shallow rifling was actually used in originals for paper patched bullet.

Paper patches can be used to make slightly undersized bullets fit a gun with. This is the very first loading of this round with commercial sport. We describe another method to economically and simply custom fit the bullet to your rifle bore to make your military surplus rifle shoot. Length will have to be about circumference of the bullet. First, the patch shape will have to be a parallelogram with angles of about 45 degrees. This is a discussion on sharps carbine 5070 within the steel and wood forums, part of the rifle forum category. The rifle shot very poorly with grease grove bullets, and my friend suggested paper patched. We at moyers cast bullets have been commercially casting since fall 1988. It is hard to say which method gives the best result but we are able to almost equal the accuracy of jacketed bullets using soft, but.

Our soft cast bullets are cast from pure virgin 201 alloy and will measure about 9 bhn. Cherry ridge 200 yard range, pedersoli rolling block, ppb cartridges w487 grain 45505xr accurate mold 1. Paper patches let a shooter get the same velocities from lead bullets as with jacketed bullets. Most of the hunting i do is in the bush with shots usually at 50100m, so. And i use a tapered bullet that i find not as accurate as the straight wall bullet that measures patched. Paper patched bullets the curio and relic firearms forum. The most authoritative work on paper patched bullets. A cast bullet is made by allowing molten metal to solidify in a mold.

We are a custom shop specializing in creating premium, hand cast bullets for all handloaders including recreational and competitive shooters. Most cast bullets are made of lead alloyed with tin and antimony. Sizing paperpatched bullets for smokeless powder load. His goal was to patch for odd caliber rifles where jacketed bullets were either not available any more or were really expensive mostly old british big bore if memory serves. Cant give you much info on a 3855 but have been very successfull with 4570. After having an interest for a long time, i finally decided to make a very small investment and experiment with paper patched bullets. In the final chapter, he gives a quick summary of what works best for him with what he calls a practical. I can safely patch a cast bullet, but i would have some concerns of loosing a patch in the barrel of of a copper jacketed bullet. His delightfully informative book on the subject, the paper jacket, is perhaps the best resource for a reloader interested in utilizing paperpatched bullets with smokeless powder. Lets forget brain and neck bone shots and give both types of. Jacketed velocity, accuracy, and performance on game for a fraction of the price. He would roll the bullets on a file to roughen the jacket to make the paper stick better. With paper patched bullets and low pressure loads i can match jacketed bullet velocitiesor so i have read.

It takes some time and effort to get it figured out for a specific rifle, but the results are exemplary. And even paper patched some bullets for my 375 hh improved to shoot deer with. It had very shallow rifling and a very oversize throat. Dont know if the masking tape patch rides the bullet all the way or falls off at the muzzle but i dont care.

I have an original sharps carbine in 5070 government that ive been waiting to shoot my. The first try was prompted by another posting here regarding steyr 8x56r carbines which turned out to have a groove diameter. You can easily shoot all of these bullets to 1500 fps without problem. Because of the number of matches i was shooting and the amount of time it took to prepare paper patch cartridges, i finally went to grease groove bullets. This is a full 2 piece box of 20 rounds of winchester. It has been my experience, however, that most of the cussin has been from folks with little or no personal experience with ppbs. The paper acts like a jacket and keeps the lead from smearing in the bore. I have some heavy bullets for the 45 lc and for my 45 win mag. Buffalo hunters did it around the campfire after the hunt. So the paper patched bullet had something of a reputation for greater. Browning 30 4570 bpcr and an original 34 5070 rem rolling block but im a novice at it. Click on any of the below links to see our selection of rifle bullets in that particular caliber. That nomenclature changed in the 1900s to jacketed.

Paperpatching your inline muzzleloader western powders. Historically speaking, metal patched bullets were patented in 1886. Here are the benefits of shooting paperpatched bullets in your inline. A beginners guide to loading and shooting paper patched bullets for early black powder cartridge rifles. Not only is this the best 100yard group i have shot with this rifle, shooting a traditionally styled bore. Introduction to paper patching home made jacketed lead. The result is that, unlike what happens when we fire cbs and jacketed bullets, there exists no. That said, im thinking even if one had all the kinks worked out, paper patching. Masking tape patched lead bullets carolina shooters club. Interestingly, some of the first jacketed bullets were marketed as metal patched bullets.

The 45lcs heavier bullets would be good to patch up to be shot in a 45 70 or even in a 45lc. Anyone who has worked with the 4570 government with loads using blackpowder, smokeless to match blackpowder performance, or smokeless loads at higher pressure, soon learns that this cartridge offers phenomenal performance. I can hold minute of ram at 500 meters and have taken buffalo with paper patched bullets. Much discussion and cussin have been laid at their doorstep. Each was necessary due to the core size i am able to get with the equipment i have and the thickness of the paper involved to get the finished diameter required. Paper patched or lubricated lead bullets can be swaged in two basic styles, the swc shoulder style shown here, and the smooth ogive style shown below. Sure, you can use cast bullets for hunting and you can use appropriate smokeless powder in the same cartridges. Ross seyfreid wrote an article about paper patching jacketed bullets many years ago. The original paper patched bullets used a projectile that was smooth. Most commercial bullet manufacturers use swaging in preference to casting, but bullet casting remains popular with handloaders. So i prefer to use flat based grease groove bullets cast from the moulds i use for my 4570. Most of the pistol bullets and select rifle bullets are. I too am loading smokeless in my pedersoli sharps 4570.

If youre a diehard paperpatched bullet shooter, youre undoubtedly familiar with paul matthews. The current resurgence of singleshot and blackpowder rifles creates a need for uptodate and accurate information about paper patched bullets. I wouldnt have a problem with paper patching jacketed bullets, but i would rather paper patch soft lead bullets for hunting. Plus i have some 458 jacketed bullets that were swaged down to 451. However, finding the correct paper quality, the right patch size and wet patching the bullets represent so much work that, having proven my point, ive since given up the practice. An optional screwin 50 bmg shell holder can be added, which fits directly into the adapter. Paper patched bullets ppb are probably the most controversial of all lead bullet styles. Moyers cast bullets, cast lead handgun, cast lead rifle. Not liking the cost of match grade bullets, i was kicking the idea around of paper patching a. New paper patch approach by ed wosika linkedin slideshare. This is a very popular package for making fullbore lead or paper patched bullets.

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