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The bede bd4 is a light general aviation aircraft marketed in the united states for homebuilding since 1968. On august 12, 1941, the first air corps rocketassist takeoff was made by a wright field test pilot, capt. Add remove filters blank filters are ignored add all categories intial climb climb to fl 150 climb to fl 240 cruise approach. No need to wait for office hours or assignments to be graded to find out where you took a wrong turn. This once was my hobby web site, but ive grounded myself and no longer have an airplane. Lycoming io360 four cylinder horizontally opposed piston aircraft engine, 200 hp 150 kw. It was the first homebuilt aircraft to be offered in kit form. An advanced aircraft performance model for present and future atm systems article pdf available in international journal of adaptive control and signal processing 2410. The variant bd5j is powered by a small microturbo trs 18 turbojet engine with 1. Cockpit the general cf the electrical panel is unnecessarily up.

O gallons of fuel, oil capacity, six calizer eus with 705 of a. If youre looking for the bd4 airplane website, its at. The bede bd4 is an american light aircraft, designed by jim bede for homebuilding and. The design was based on a highwing cantilever monoplane of conventional design, able to be fitted either with tail wheel or tricycle.

Middecember 2005 i received an unsolicited letter from jim bede bedecorp, medina, ohio, about the fully revitalized bd4 aircraft kit program. The values from the manual have been achieved by many builders. Aircraft performance federal aviation administration. An introduction to aircraft performance aiaa education. This site was created, and is maintained, by fellow bd4 builders and owners. Per bedes offer letter to purchase available kits, material kits are available and offtheshelf parts are easily obtainable.

I built a bede bd4c airplane and flew it for the first time on february, 2019. Aircraft flight manual pilots operating handbook afm. Ken kopps project test plan pdf ken kopps performance calculation sheet spreadsheet download the xls general information on experimental aircraft. It remains one of the worlds most popular homebuilts with thousands of plans issued and hundreds of versions completed to date. For example, by the year 2050, civil aircraft should have 75% less emissions than present day aircraft. Bd4 local flight and landing locksley near mangalore in vic. The purpose of this paper is to help the instructor pilot to understand the performance information contained in the aircraft flight manual afm and how it relates to the real world. Since the issue of the first plans by jim bede in the 1970 there were numerous modifications published, both by bede and other designers and builders. Have converted to vacuum system gyros and still shopping for. Designed for aerospace engineering students, government employees responsible for certifying military and civilian aircraft, and individuals involved in aircraft accident investigation and consulting, an introduction to aircraft performance provides a comprehensive and useful approach to aircraft performance issues. Aircraft performance and design john anderson download. If there is one sore point to the aircrafts controls, it is the lack of harmony in regards to the rudder. I got it without the lyc 360, transponder, and the gyro horizon and gyro compass removed. To inquire about kits and parts, please contact the bede corp.

Bede bd5 specifications technical data description. The performance or operational information section of the. The bede bd4 is an american light aircraft, designed by jim bede for homebuilding and available since 1968. Starting with the consideration that performance theory is the defining factor in aircraft design, the author then covers the measurement of performance for the certification, management and operation of aircraft. The pilot had flown the airplane for over 1 hour, including a fuel stop and an. The purpose of this web site is to provide information about the bede aircraft bd5, an experimental, homebuilt, singleseat high performance aircraft that first flew more than 30 years ago and which to this day continues to draw crowds wherever one lands. Thus, certain corrections must apply to the instrumentation, as well as the aircraft performance, if the actual operating conditions do not. How i chose to build a bede bd4c cheerful curmudgeon. Aircraft performance analysis bae systems regional aircraft maintain a strong capability across all aspects of civil aircraft performance.

This course dives into the physics and phenomena that determine aircraft performance to give you practical insights. Aircraft performance and design john anderson written by one of the most succesful aerospace authors, this new book develops aircraft performance techniques from first principles and applies then to real airplanes. Ken kopps project test plan pdf ken kopps performance calculation sheet spreadsheet download the xls. Getting to grips with aircraft performance skybrary. I arranged to meet bede in his office in midjanuary. Since all aircraft performance is compared and evaluated with respect to the standard atmosphere, all aircraft instruments are calibrated for the standard atmosphere. It remains one of the worlds most popular homebuilts with thousands of plans sold and hundreds of examples completed to date. Aircraft performance is an exciting and challenging field that is continuously evolving. Now producing selected parts that will interchange to a bd4 posted feb 99. By developing and discussing these two subjects in a single text, the author captures a degree of synergism not. Alon a2 aircoupe singleengined twoseat light monoplane. Subsequent refinements of this technique were made for assisting heavilyloaded aircraft in taking off from. John steeres wing rack plans pdf john steeres owners manual for his n682bd.

A four door fuselage design gives you easy cabin entryexit and access to. A searchable database of aircarft with recognition and performance data. It is a four seat plane and my goal is to cruise at 200 mph with a 200 hp engine at. Here we have a world first ulpower 520i engine installed in a bd4 c model in namibia, africa. Written by one of the most succesful aerospace authors, this new book develops aircraft performance techniques from first principles and applies then to real airplanes. Todays topics specific fuel consumption and breguet range equation transonic aerodynamic considerations aircraft performance aircraft turning energy analysis. This practical book discusses performance measures which. The maule mx7 series is a fun and easy to fly stol aircraft. The following aircraft operating data has been demonstrated during the flight testing.

A highly versatile aircraft, the m7 can be loaded with 85 gallons of fuel for extended endurance. Based on previous work with innovative light aircraft, the bd1 eventually developed into the american aviation aa1 yankee and the bd2, jim bede designed the bd4, the first real kitplane in the world. Aircraft performance is one of the key aspects of the aircraft industry. The bd4 is a combination of concepts that are not all that unusual in designing personal fourplace airplanes.

It will cover airport performance for transport category turbojet powered business aircraft. The bede bd5 is a series of singleengine singleseat homebuilt sports aircraft designed by american jim bede. Aircraft performance analysis bae systems regional aircraft. Introduction to aircraft performance and static stability.

If your aircraft was manufactured under the auspices of 14 cfr 25, which means just about everyone, then the foundation of your ability to takeoff without hitting anything is captured by the diagram above. The bd4 ad in the november 1969 sport aviation lists seven kit packages that. Performance calculations are crucial at several flight points. Therefore my bd4 which has a ford v6 with blanton redrive and conversion is for sale. N311sd 2002 demmer william shane bd4 owned by papenfuss cory m aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. The last column in the following table lists some of the builders who have adapted a specific modification. Publications bd4 experimental aircraft community site. Aircraft flight manualpilots operating handbook afm. Working with ranges has a clear drawback you do not know precisely where. The reasons for the differences vary from aircraft to aircraft. I was surprised to keep coming back to the bd4c because it is a stodgy, boxy looking thing and i like sleek, sexy planes. This highperformance contact adhesive laminates sheets of. Introduction to aircraft performance and static stability prof.

The airline transport pilot was conducting a personal crosscountry flight. Homer boushey, using a small civiliantype ercoupe aircraft. Chapter 10 aircraft performance the airline pilots. Preliminary performance modelling thrust and drag accounting.

Its the way bede approached these concepts that made them work. The critical thing to understand is that the airplane, with you at the controls. It also address a philosophy of, and techniques for aircraft design. The flight crew operating manual fcom can be viewed as the. Bd4 is an experimental aircraft designed by jim bede snr. Thats why the loss of ontrol work group suggests improvement in pilots understanding and calculation.

The result is a rather simplistic expectation of performance, not only for aircraft, but also for atm systems. Powered by a 180hp lycoming 4 cylinder engine it provides a perfect blend of performance and fuel efficiency. From the point of view of the dual purpose of performance calculations outlined in section 1. Pilot report on a bd4 homebuilt airplane designed by jim bede. Basically what jim wanted was an airplane that must be a good crosscountry personal machine, was easy to build, and had to be a lowdemanding machine for the average. However, i appreciate fine engineering even more than i like looks and i could not get past the performance specs of the bd4c. Murphy radical, murphy radical all metal experimental aircraft by murphy aircraft. The aircraft has around 700 hrs and all log books, blanton manual, plans, etc. A total of three model 415c aircraft were procured by the united states army air forces for use during world war ii. Aircraft performance all aircraft are designed to ensure optimal performance during flight, with key flight characteristics interacting and changing depending on the aircrafts weight. Opf file is in ascii format and a sample of this file for the boeing 747400 aircraft designator b744 is listed in appendix b of this report with detailed description of parameters listed in appendix a.

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